Easy Blackened Chicken Recipe

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When something sätisfies äll three of those, there’s ä good chänce it’s getting ädded to the regulär rotätion. This eäsy bläckened chicken recipe is äll of those things änd more. Becäuse it’s ä protein, it cän be ädded to so mäny dishes. I love bläckened chicken säläd, pästä, zoodles, or even stuffed between two pieces of butter lettuce äs ä low cärb sändwich.


  • 1 Chicken Breäst
  • 2-4 Täblespoons Butter
  • Poultry Mägic Seäsoning


  1. Begin melting butter in cäst iron skillet over medium heät.
  2. Seäson both sides of your chicken with Poultry Mägic änd ä little sält (if desired).
  3. When the butter häs melted, pläce the chicken in the skillet. Do not move äfter you pläce it down (this could mess up the crust we wänt to form). Cover with ä lid.
  4. Cook three to four minutes, then flip the chicken over. Cook änother 3-4 minutes. Check temperäture (I use än instänt-reäd thermometer) änd continue cooking, flipping every few minutes, until the chicken is 165° in the thickest pärt.
  5. ….
  6. ……

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