Cooking Yummy Ramen with Mongolian beef
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Cooking Yummy Ramen with Mongolian beef

Cooking Yummy Ramen with Mongolian beef

This recipe is for meat and ramen lovers out there. It is called yummy ramen with Mongolian beef steak. To make this delicious dish, you only need approximately thirty minutes for cooking.  Ramen is everyone’s favorite. In this article, we want to share you an easy tasty recipe.  Let’s start first with the preparation steps. You should make a good food preparation for a delicious meal. These following items are the ingredient you need to cook a delicious Mongolian beef ramen using this recipe. You should prepare some of these:

Cooking Yummy Ramen with Mongolian beef

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Recipe by Yohana
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  • Diced and sliced beef meet 1 pound

  • Cornstarch 1/3 cup

  • Vegetable oil or canola ½ tablespoon

  • Sesame oil ½ tablespoon

  • Minced cloves garlic 3

  • Minced Ginger 1 teaspoon

  • Soy sauce with low sodium ½ cup

  • Water ½ cup

  • Sugar (Light or brown) ¾  cup

  • Frying oil

  • Ramen noodle 1 package of 10 ounce

  • Green onion (additional item for garnish)


  • The second part is about the steps for cooking this tasty ramen beef steak. There are four steps of cooking. Check these steps below for further detail explanation:
  • Cook the beef at the beginning step
    Firstly, you need to toss the beef into the cornstarch. Put it at the fridge directly. At the same time, heat up the oil for deep frying on a pan. Don’t let the oil becomes scorching. After that, fry the beef until brown. Dry it soon. You may use paper towel for absorbing the unnecessary oils in the meat. This aims to remove the oil perfectly.
  • Make the special sauce
    Furthermore, heat up sesame oil and canola oil together using the previous pan for frying the meat. Put garlic and ginger into the pan and cook for about two minutes. You add soy sauce, brown sugar and water after that. Cook for 3 minutes until shimmer. Leave it there when it is already cooked. Cooking Yummy Ramen with Mongolian beef
  • Warm up water for boiling the noodle for ramen
    Move to next step. You should boil up the water all for making ramen noodle. Follow the instruction in the package. When the water is boiling, you put the noodle inside the pan. This is probably take around 5 minutes for the noodle to be perfectly cooked.
  • Combine all materials together
    Pour the meat into the sauce and shimmer again for another 3 minutes. Make it toss to coat. Then, bring the noodle into the pan. Let all of them toss for another couple of minutes.  You may serve this menu on a plate or a bowl. This beef ramen noodle is good for serving 2 people. Do not forget to garnish before serving it.
Cooking Yummy Ramen with Mongolian beef

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