Noodles Recipe

Parmesan Garlic Noodles Recipe


Pasta has many varieties. But, if we are talking about the most popular pasta, the answer will be the noodle one. Most people will think about noodle pasta type when they hear the word “pasta”. Now, you may are familiar with the noodle pasta. But, have you ever think about combining 7 different ingredients to create a unique sauce that will give you different pasta taste. 

Here, we have what you need. Using 7 simple ingredients, such as olive oil, parmesan cheese, butter, garlic, broth, and cream, we have a delicious sauce for your pasta. Combine it with the angel-hair pasta and we have a delicious recipe that gives you the pasta like what you can find at Rice-a-Roni. So, are you ready? Here are the ingredients and how to make it.

Parmesan Garlic Noodles Recipe

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Recipe by Yohana
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  • Here are the ingredients you need to prepare:
  • 3 tsp of olive oil,

  • 5-6 cloves of fresh garlic (mince it well),

  • 3 tbsp of butter,

  • 3 cups of chicken stock,

  • ½ box of angel hair pasta,

  • 1 cup of parmesan cheese (grated),

  • ¾ cup of whole milk,

  • ½ tsp of sea salt,

  • ¼ tsp of pepper,

  • 1-2 tbsp of fine-chopped fresh parsley.


  • Prepare a large sized saucepan. Add olive oil as well as butter, and use medium heat. Once it’s ready, add some garlic. Stir for around 1 minute then add salt as well as pepper.
  • Pour chicken stock slowly and keep stir until it’s mixed with the garlic, adjust it to high heat, and let it boiled.
  • Once the chicken stock is boiled, add pasta. Put it slowly so all its parts submerged. For how long you cook it, you can follow the instruction on the pasta box.
  • After the pasta is cooked, turn off the heat and add parmesan cheese. Stir until it is melted and mixed well with the pasta.
  • Next, add the whole milk and parsley.
  • If you want, you also can add cream as you want. But, this is optional, so you also can omit it from the recipe.
  • Wait for 5 minutes until it becomes thick and then you can serve it. Parmesan Garlic Noodles Recipe


  • You also can change the pasta type with the type that you want, if you don’t like the angel hair pasta. That’s the recipe for Parmesan Garlic Noodles.

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